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Dr. Jamie J. Penn – Raised in South Lyon…

There’s more to chiropractic than the relief of headaches and back pain! Chiropractic is about getting the most out of your life and enjoying it, such as sleeping thru the night, improving your energy level, being more active! Whatever makes your life more pleasurable! I am here to help you get pain free and back to enjoying your life!

South Lyon Chiropractic is the office of Dr. Jamie J. Penn. The office is situated in the Historic District of Downtown South Lyon. When you walk through the door you will feel like you are right at home! You will not find a cold office, but more of a small town, country living room! Dr. Penn hopes that each patient will feel welcomed and comfortable!

Dr. Penn is dedicated to really listening to her patients questions, concerns, and answers. She spends more time with each patient then the average chiropractor does, but that is because she goes the extra mile with everyone.

What Makes SL Chiropractic Different?

It’s all About the Muscles!

If your muscles are contracted they will continue to pull on your bones. Dr. Penn takes the time to work on your muscles therefore your adjustments last longer, & you get relief faster!

 So come on over to South Lyon Chiropractic and let your body experience the difference!

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