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SLC is OUT OF NETWORK (Does not accept insurance)

In these financial times, sometimes our health takes the greatest hit. Dr. Penn is committed to helping as many people as she can receive affordable health care. So here at South Lyon Chiropractic Dr. Penn has created a fee schedule for her patients that is comparable, if not better, than most insurance benefits!

While SLC is considered “out-of-network” by most insurance companies, this means that we are no longer limited on what kind of care to provide, the number of visits allowed, or high deductibles that can cause treatments to be too expensive.

Most “in-network” offices have a fee schedule that is 3-4 times higher than ours, which leaves the patient trying to met their deductible(s), or paying a huge percentage of their bill. Not to mention, “in-network” can have limits on care, exclusions, and non-covered therapies.

If you would like to submit your claim yourself in order to rack up “out-of-pocket” costs, Dr. Penn will provide you with all the information needed to submit your claim and receive any benefits  from an out-of-network visit.




Initial Examination: $70

Includes: History + Exam ($40) & 1st Adjustment ($30): $70
(SLC does not have X-Ray Equipment, and does not require them.)

Office Visit (adjustment only): $30


Muscle Therapy: $5 (each)

Office Visit (adjustments & therapy): $30 + $5 per therapy


Office Visit – 17 yrs & younger: $15  

EXAMPLE: (14 yrs old = $14 adjustment)


 Therapy Can Include:

Doctor-Patient Assisted Exercise/Stretches, Resistance Training, Gua-Sha Therapy, Inter-segmental Traction Table, Heat/Ice Therapy, Manual Release Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure,  Sinus-Pressure Release,  Kinesio Taping, Sports Taping, Wraps & Braces


Payment is due upon date of service.


***South Lyon Chiropractic is a Non-Accepting, Non-Participating Medicare Provider. ***


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