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July 2013

“Dr. Penn is a great chiropractor, and I’ve been to both good and bad in other cities I’ve called home. She does adjust the spine as usual, but also checks all your joints as she goes along. She listens attentively and take notes, takes the time to explain what she is doing – whether regarding treatment, her business model, or additional exercises/stretches she may want you to do at home – and she maintains a cozy, clean, and professional office in a home-turned-commercial space in downtown South Lyon. I was wary at first of her ‘no insurance’ business model, but I can tell you that – for me – the out of pocket cost was comparable to what I paid going through my insurance provider for another area Chiro last year. [Note: she WILL help you file your claims if you want to submit your charges for out-of-network benefits.] After the initial consult, adjustments are just $20 each (less than my insurance copay if she was an in-network provider). Additional therapies – ice/heat, isolated massage, assisted stretching, etc. – are applied as needed with a la carte costs attached. My appointments, which include an adjustment and time on the heated roller table (can’t recall the actual name) are $25. Again, that’s still lower than my copay would be. Glad to have found a Chiro I can stick with for regular maintenance every so often. Oh, one last note, you’ll hear no ‘other medical treatment’ bashing from Dr. Penn. I’ve been to other chiropractors who felt it was their duty to tell me how following my primary doctor’s orders, or taking medicine of some kind, made me a backwards creature and that if I just came to see them all the time they could somehow ‘cure me’ of whatever ails me. I appreciate knowing I can walk into her office and be honest about taking a few ibuprofen without being judged or lectured.” ~ Vanessa T.

May 2013

“I have dealt with lower back and neck pain for many years, being an auto mechanic for 24 years doing a lot of heavy lifting and bending over. Many mornings finding it hard to even get out of bed from the pain. I was always deathly afraid to go to a chiropractor and had never been to see one. I met Dr. Penn and after many talks with her she convinced me to come and see her. She was well aware of my fear and made me very comfortable , she explained everything to me with the patience of a saint. She gave me a folder that explained everything that she needed to do and explained it all to me in detail. A huge thank you to her for making my pain go away! After my first visit my fear was  80 % gone, after the second visit , my fear was 100% gone. I can’t put in to words how much better i feel and how much i appreciate everything that she has done for me. I continue to go and get adjusted on a weekly basis. Dr Penn has been not only been a phenomenal chiropractor, but a great friend as well. I have recommended many of my friends to go and see her. I would recommend Dr. Penn to everyone, she puts her heart and soul in to her work.” ~ Chris K.

“I have hip & lower back pain, which make it hard to walk, sit or stand sometimes. Dr. Penn has a great technique to adjust my back and the wonderful heated roller table to stretch everything out.

After seeing Dr. Penn, I can function pain free. If my son hadn’t found her for me, I wouldn’t be able to perform daily tasks without great pain.Each visit is personal and fun.  Dr. Penn takes time to talk and remembers details about me personally, which is very rare most of the time in medicine. I HIGHLY recommend South Lyon Chiropractic to anyone who is not getting the care they need for back and neck pain.

You will be amazed at the difference in your life!!! Dr. Penn has a wide variety of appointment days and times.  She is very accommodating (I have a changing work schedule, sometimes last minute).The prices are extremely reasonable.  Dr. Penn charges LESS than my insurance co-pay at any other chiropractor.
Her office is clean, and well organized.  There is never a wait, she schedules appointment properly to ensure every patient gets the personal service they deserve.  You never feel like a “number” or a revolving door like you do at other doctors offices.W
hen you walk into the office, you feel like you are going to visit a friend.” ~ Kris G.

March 2013

My torn muscle feels so much better! Thank you Dr. Penn ~ Greg R.

February 2013

Thank you so much Dr. Penn! I’m not lying when I say I feel amazing, I seriously feel more relaxed than I ever have and I am able to move my neck a lot easier! You Rock! ~ Josh G.

You are the best!!!! Thank you very much for making me feel much better, you are awesome!!!! ~ Christopher K.

Thank you Dr. Penn for taking my pain away in my shoulder and neck. ~ Brennen B.

October 2012


It was so nice to meet you today Dr. Penn! You were so welcoming & down to earth…Very comfy & warm atmosphere also! Thank you for taking the time to sit down & really talk about my areas of concern & for making me feel so comfortable! Looking forward to my next appointment 🙂 ~ Amy D.


September 2012


I have only been to see Dr Penn twice and she is great. She is working wonders on my lower back! I would recommend her to anyone who is having problems with their back for sure!! You’re great Dr. Penn Thanks again for everything!!! ~ Vickie B.




The feeling of well being is certainly resounding every time following an appointment with Dr. Jamie Penn. Cannot wait for the next appointment. ~ Ryan G.




Thank you for letting me use the roller bed while you worked on my boyfriend. Looking forward to my own appointment! ~ Britt.




Awesome Experience! Thanks a ton and can’t wait to come back! ~ Ray S.




Dr. Penn, I don’t know what you did, but today was the first day I woke up and didn’t have ANY low back pain! You are my saving grace, my angel! I am so thankful to you, I can’t express it enough! ~ V.B.




 Great Experience! Looking forward to coming back for my next experience. ~ Genny S.



 I love the feel of your office! I feel like I am at home, and not in a stuffy doctors office, and your voice, and persona offer so much comfort and made me feel like I could open up and tell you anything. Thank you for taking so much care with me! I can’t wait to send my husband in for his own treatment! ~ Tammy B.

July 20, 2012

Hi Dr. Jamie, I Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me today. Looking at one of the brochures I noticed that there were no Thursday hours I cannot believe you came into the office just for me! I am a little overwhelmed right now with my life but you made me feel a lot better Thank you Thank you I really appreciate all the time you spend with me explaining and trying to find the answers to all my questions. I will see you very soon. Thanks again for your time and help!!!! ~ Linda F.



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